Treatment Options


Your initial visit will include a detailed intake during which I will review your medical history and speaks to you about your main concerns. 

This information will allow formulation of a diagnosis and treatment plan that will best address your particular problem. This may include recommendations about your lifestyle and diet. I will feel the pulses on both wrists and may look at your tongue and eyes and gently palpate your abdomen. I may also check your major and minor Chakra centers for blockages, palpate areas of pain and/ or check your spine and postural alignment.

Treatment may consist of the insertion of very fine stainless steel sterile (single use) needles into various parts of the body.

Other treatment modalities that may be used include: moxabustion (burning of herbs to heat an area), cupping, electrostimulation, Tui Na Massage, CranioSacral therapy, infrared heat lamps, and manual therapies. There are also non-insertive techniques that can be used on children and needle sensitive individuals.

I like to see my patients weekly for a 4-6 treatments initially.

If progress is being made, that may extend out to biweekly and then monthly. Many of my patients continue on a monthly schedule, some come back on a seasonal basis. Many conditions require an average of 6-12 treatments, although some will respond sooner and others may require a longer series - this depends on the severity and chronic nature of the chief complaint.

Once an established patient, you will receive my full attention when you come for a visit.

I don’t juggle multiple treatment rooms and always try to give you ample time to be heard. I need to have patients arrive on schedule in order for everyone to have their time!  

Mountain & Lake Healing Arts is located in the lower level of our home. My husband, Shems Bill Guillow, is the gardener that has made the grounds inviting. We invite you come and enjoy the serenity. 

Sandra has been a lifesaver! I frequently have knee issues from prior sports injuries that flare up and she is able to pinpoint the right areas to work on while providing a very calm atmosphere to be treated in. It is so peaceful I generally fall asleep even with needles all over my body! Thanks Sandra.
— JC (East Lyme)
When I first met Sandra I was at my wits end. I was having a lot of stomach issues that weren’t going away with convention methods. After one session of acupuncture I could feel things changing. Within a year all my stomach issues subsided. Each person is different so the length and course of treatment will vary. The thing that struck me about Sandra and her practice was that she treated the person not the symptoms. While she was helping my stomach issues, I also noticed I became calmer, slept more soundly, and felt balanced. The treatments rejuvenated my mind, body and spirit. I would highly recommend Mountain and Lake Acupuncture as one of the first courses of treatment.
— TR (Pawcatuck, CT)