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Sandra Walia Guillow, Lic. Ac. 
10 Birch Terrace | Oakdale, CT 06370
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North Bound

  • Follow 85 North

  • Turn left on Salem Turnpike

  • Turn slight left on Holmes Road

  • Mountain & Lake Healing Arts is the second driveway on the left.

South Bound

  • Follow 85 South

  • Turn right on Salem Turnpike

  • Turn slight left on Holmes Road

  • Mountain & Lake Acupuncture is the second driveway on the left

Look for the multi-colored prayer flags across the driveway. Our parking lot is not large - please try to not take up 2 spaces! The entrance to the clinic is down the walkway on the left side of the house.

I first went to see Sandra over two years ago and was a genuine non-believer in acupuncture. I have problems ranging from back and knee problems, allergies and sleep apnea, to a stressful job that was affecting my sleep. I was very tired of taking eight different types of drugs prescribed by doctors which weren’t helping anyway. After insistence from a close friend, I went to see Sandra. I have never felt better and as problems come up, she quickly attacks them. All with no prescription drugs! You can’t beat the euphoric feeling of being ‘acu-stoned.’
— LM (Gales Ferry, CT)
Acupuncture was recommended to me by a friend who insisted that acupuncture results in feelings that are better and longer lasting than a massage. I didn’t believe her, but through her repeated encouragement I experienced acupuncture for myself. That was more than a year ago. Since then I’ve been receiving bi-weekly acupuncture treatments from Sandra Guillow of Mountain & Lake Acupuncture. Sandra is an expert in her area, but she’s also a healing natural. As soon as I lay on her table I begin to relax. Sandra checks my overall health and asks questions about progress and ailments. From this brief conversation, she’s able to accurately pinpoint (literally) the exact areas I needed treated. For the next hour or so I’m off to another land. Her treatments leave me with a feeling of well-being, peacefulness, and comfort that lasts for several days. I highly recommend Sandra Guillow of Mountain & Lake Acupuncture.
— DD (Baltic, CT)