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Essential Oil Formulas for Healing

Like Chinese Medicine, aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years.

Ancient cultures from all over the world have used various forms of aromatherapy ranging from the burning of incense to utilizing the extracted oils from plants, herbs and flowers. These healers understood the healing properties of essential oils and the aromas that come from them.


Generally, aromatherapy can be applied in three ways:

Direct application to the skin, inhalation and internal consumption. In all three scenarios the properties of the essential oils, which constitute “aromatherapy”, travel through the body and eventually go to the brain where they have both physiological and psychological effects. When applied to the skin, the essential oils are absorbed and enter into the lymphatic system, which then circulate into the bloodstream, making their way into the brain. Similarly, when essential oils are inhaled or ingested, they are absorbed into the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, lungs and/or gastrointestinal system, transferred into the bloodstream, and make their way to the brain. Inhalation of essential oils also utilizes the body’s olfactory system that processes the smell, sending a signal to the limbic system of the brain. The limbic system is directly connected to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, the balancing of hormones and the processing of emotions and memories. For these reasons, it is evident that aromatherapy can have a very powerful effect, both emotionally and physiologically.

Combined with acupuncture in a treatment, essential oils can enhance, directly affecting the acupoint in a way that is synergistic. The key, here, is to select the appropriate oil or blend that has a specific affinity for certain points or meridians. 


Sandra Walia Guillow, Lic. Ac. can provide a custom formula of essential oils that will be, like an acupuncture treatment, especially for you and the issues you are experiencing.

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After creating this personal custom blend, she will instruct you how to use it. It may need to be placed on specific acupuncture points, simply inhaled, or possibly steam inhalation. The oils used will each address a particular issue and the combination can be very aromatic and powerful. Just like an herbal formula, you will be instructed as to the amount to use and the time of day to use it. 

Anyone who is frustrated with the current medical practices of being handed prescriptions instead of answers needs to see Sandra. I have had appointments with her for the past 2 years, and I have felt so well, it is like being recharged by spa treatments! She will deal with the most obscure symptoms that seem unrelated & find the source of the issues. From colds to digestive discomforts and to unexplainable symptoms, Sandra is competent to get to a solution. As for the needle pain, it is irrelevant as you do not feel them! Enjoy getting better faster! Make an appointment with Sandra, it will be the best new year resolution to a new health you make this year!
— NW (Norwich, CT)
I started seeing Sandra approx 4 years ago. After battling knee problems and taking drugs (anti-inflammatories and pain killers) for approx. 20 years of my life, I figured I would give her a try. I had seven knee operations (one total reconstructive) and was diagnosed with severe arthritis with bone on bone in both knees and my feet. I was also diagnosed with 2 types of gout in both my knees and feet. At this time I was seeing my orthopedic surgeon every 5-6 months to drain my knees and shoot me with steroids, so I could walk. After several visits with Sandra I have since had no problems with either my knees or feet (gout) and I love to eat seafood! Sandra has blessed me as well as many others, with her service, skills and professionalism! I will continue to see her for whatever ails me till this day and look forward to a continued relationship with her and the this wonderful service she provides. Thanks Sandra!
— RD (Uncasville, CT)